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WINE OF THE WEEK: Church Road McDonald Series Syrah

Created as a tribute to “the father of red wine in New Zealand”, this intense yet smooth drop is our pick for Father’s Day celebrations

THE WINE: Church Rd McDonald Series Syrah

Elegant, aromatic and intense, this incredible syrah has aromas and flavours of black plum accented with hits of rose, cinnamon, pepper and oak for pleasing complexity. Often described as having integrated tannins, this means that “dusty” tannin mouthfeel is balanced beautifully with the wine’s other taste elements, giving it an overall soft and smooth quality in the mouth. No wonder Bob Campbell MW rated this puppy a whopping 95/100.


Church Road’s McDonald Series was created as a tribute to former 14-year-old worker Tom McDonald, who went on to run and later purchase the winery. During his hugely transformational tenure there he modernised by introducing tractors (unheard of), encouraged the production of cabernet sauvignon in New Zealand (thanks Tom), and lobbied for wine to be legally sold in restaurants (phew!). Like Tom, this range of wines was created to be complex, textural and full of character.


Pair this gutsy yet silky-smooth wine with red meat, particularly duck and lamb, served with rich and fruity sauces or gravies for a full-flavoured mouthful.

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