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All the wine questions you’ve been too embarrassed to ask, answered.

You’ve just entered a safe zone. A zone with no judging, no sniggering and no funny looks. A zone to address any wine questions you’ve been a little bit sheepish to ask. Why? Because knowledge is power, and we want to give you the power to make the best choices about your next drop. So sit back, relax and enjoy this Toast learning journey.

Why do people swirl wine in the glass?

Swirling wine isn't just for looks – although it does make you look quite sophisticated. Swirling completes an important step in the wine tasting process as it brings oxygen to the liquid. Oxygen opens up wine, brings aroma and can soften wine – all reasons for decanting wine, too, as you'll read below.  

Why smell wine?

In a single glass of wine, there can be a whole range of complex floral, fruity, earthy or completely left-field scents (think hot tar on the road, smoke, rubber). Smelling has a very profound affect on how your brain processes flavour – if you hold your nose and try to eat a raspberry, you’ll notice how little you taste compared to a clear nose. Therefore, smelling your wine can have a huge impact on how you enjoy it.

What is a tannin/tannic wine?

Tannins are a naturally occurring chemical in wine (they’re also in other beverages like black tea). Tannins give wine weight and the dry feeling that is sometimes experienced in the mouth after a sip of red wine.

What does decanting actually do?

Decanting makes the most of a wine’s body and aroma. The main reason for decanting wine is to bring it into contact with more oxygen, which can soften the wine and enhance the flavours.

Now that you're in the know, check out some of our favourite drops for this week, below:

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