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Wine cupid

Ever wondered what wine best suits you and your taste buds? Here is your chance to find out, our wine personality quiz

My dinner of choice would be:

   a)Fresh snapper with green salad and crispy potatoes

   b)Handmade pasta with tomatoes, garlic and parmesan

   c)Zesty Thai beef salad

   d)Lemon roast chicken with garlic greens

   e)Pork belly with roasted vegetables

My dessert of choice would be:

   a)Lemon syrup cake


   c)Vanilla custard tart

   d)Fresh seasonal fruit platter

   e)Dark chocolate tart

Which of the following scents appeals to you most?

   a)Pears and honeysuckle  

   b)Plums and pepper

   c)Citrus and passion fruit

   d)Vanilla and melon

   e)Berries and cherries

Which of the following words catches your eye on a wine list or bottle label?






The results

Mostly A’s:

Your best match: pinot gris

Bright, refreshing and gentle, we think pinot gris is the drop for you. Pinot gris is a wonderful companion to fish, citrus and creamy dishes. It is also a versatile wine that warms in winter and cools in summer. Check out the The Ned Pinot Gris to get your pinot gris love affair started.

Mostly B’s:

Your best match: syrah

Peppery, elegant and complex, we think you and syrah are a perfect pair. A gorgeous match with cream, red meat and tomato, syrah is a lovely bold wine for the cooler winter months. Check out the Huntaway Reserve Syrah to get to know syrah.

Mostly C’s:

Your best match: sauvignon blanc

Laced with notes of citrus, red pepper and passion fruit, sauvignon blanc has a lot of admirers. And we think you’ll be one of them. Sauvignon blanc is a wonderful match to Thai food (see out BYO Basics – Thai) and cuts beautifully through rich and greasy foods. Check out the Tohu Sauvignon Blanc for a beautiful sauvignon blanc experience.

Mostly D’s:

Your best match: chardonnay

Smooth, balanced and filled with fruit, Chardonnay is hard to dislike. We think you and chardonnay will make a lovely pair. Seafood, pasta, citrus and fruits are great foods to enjoy a chardonnay with.  Try the Church Road McDonald Series Chardonnay for a delicious example of chardonnay’s much-loved qualities.

Mostly E’s:

Your best match: pinot noir

With its intense dark notes of rich plum and chocolate, pinot noir has seduced wine lovers all over the globe. We think pinot noir is your perfect partner too. Pair your pinot noir with decadent chocolate dishes and meats such as New Zealand lamb and pork and you’ll have a heavenly match. We suggest you try to Jules Taylor Pinot Noir for a try of this magic drop.

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