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Whitebait Drinks Match

It’s one of our favourite times of the year, whitebait season. Here are some drinks matches to pair with those fritters us Kiwis just can’t get enough of

Image courtesy of Ara Wines

Whitebait fritters are among that handful of foods us Kiwis have taken to heart. From feijoas to pav and pies to bbq saussies, whitebait is one of those things that make us feel united and special. Whitebait season is in full flow right now, and runs from August to early November. Here are our top drink recommendations to pair with these tasty little swimmers…

Ara, Ara wine, Ara Single Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Ara Single Estate, sauvignon blanc, New Zealand sauvignon blanc, wine, white wine, whitebait, food match

Ara Single Estate Sauvignon Blanc

Few things go as perfectly together as whitebait fritters and sauvignon blanc. This beautiful sav has restrained citrus, tropical fruit and herbal flavours and a crisp, refreshing finish that makes it a perfect partner for a pile of whitebait fritters and lemon.

Te Whare Ra, Te Whare Ra Riesling, riesling, New Zealand riesling, wine, white wine, whitebait, food match

Te Whare Ra Dry Riesling

The delicate flavours and citrus acidity of this aromatic wine perfectly match the flavours of whitebait, especially when coated in flour, panfried and served with wedges of lemon.

beer, pale ale, ale, New Zealand beer, Tuatara, Tuatara Sauvinova, sauvinova, whitebait, food match

Tuatara Sauvinova

This single hop pale ale is made exclusively with sauvin hops and explodes in a good way with the gooseberry and tropical fruit notes that are so loved in sauvignon blanc wines. No surprise then that this beer is a great match for a pile of whitebait fritters made with fresh herbs.

beer, pale ale, ale, New Zealand beer, Monteith's, Monteith's Original Ale, Original Ale, whitebait, food match

Monteith’s Original Ale

Brewed on the West Coast since 1868, it’s little surprise that Monteith’s Original Ale is a great match for one of the West Coast’s signature wild foods. Serve flavoursome whitebait dishes with this beautifully balanced pale ale with notes of caramel, burnt sugar and blackberry.

You can find these drinks at your local Liquorland or online via the click-throughs below.

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