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Three Wines for Bluffies

Enjoy Bluff oyster season with our pick of three great New Zealand wines to drink with them

Bluff oysters are celebrated globally as some of the best in the world, and here at home in New Zelaand, “Bluffie” season has become something of a national obsession. Here's our pick of three great New Zealand wines to add to the culinary mania...

Astrolabe Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc

The green herbal and citrus flavours and aromas of Astrolabe Awatere Sauvignon Blanc pair perfectly with the tangy and mineral aspects of Bluffies, (RRP$22.99).

Huntaway Reserve Chardonnay

For those who like more full-bodied wine, the oaky creaminess of chardonnay matches beautifully with the sweet creamy nature of Bluff oysters. Try Huntaway Reserve Chardonnay (RRP$16.99).

Waipara Hills Pinot Noir.

More commonly paired with whites, Bluff oysters have a bold flavour that can stand up to a red wine, and the clean, herbal, savoury streak of a pinot noir like Waipara Hills Pinot Noir will go great guns with these little parcels of heaven (RRP$19.99).

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