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Spotlight on: Victoria wines

Cooler climates and hugely varied growing conditions between regions make Victoria one of Australia’s most diverse wine-producing states

Victoria’s central and northern regions, such as King Valley, Yarra Valley and Bendigo, are known for producing some of Australia’s best pinot noir and chardonnay, while the High Country is also known as Australia’s prosecco capital.


Cool climate, diverse regional attributes from Yarra Valley near Melbourne to further north in the Alpine area.

Best known for:

Pinot noir, incredible chardonnay and juicy cabernet sauvignon.

Food-pairing ideas:


Savoury – sashimi and sushi

sashimi, victoria, wine

Sweet – fresh berries and pavlova

Cabernet Sauvignon

Savoury – steak with black pepper butter

Sweet – chocolate hazelnut torte

chocolate torte, victoria, wine

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