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A new nail polish colour is prompting us to stockpile pinot noir

Stylish Australian manicure and skincare brand Kester Black have announced their new-limited edition nail polish shade Pinot Noir, based on one of Pantone’s hot colours for autumn/winter. A deep burnt red colour, Pinot Noir is aimed at evoking “nights by a crackling fireplace with a glass of red in hand”. 

We couldn’t agree more. As the days start to shorten, we are increasingly turning to pinot noir, to soothe our end-of-summer blues. After all, who can pine the passing of hot days when there’s so much good red wine to be had over autumn?

Here are our top pinot noir picks for stocking up on when the autumn leaves start to fall…

Jules Taylor Marlborough Pinot Noir

An expressive red with a dry finish and vibrant notes of dark cherry, raspberry, plum, spicy oak and dark chocolate.

Akarua Pinot Noir

A complex wine with intense black fruits, sweet spices, and a brambly earthiness with an elegant finish.

Mt Difficulty Pinot Noir

Charming violet florals interplay with dark cherry and sweet brown spice in this wine, with dense dark cherry notes and brown spices.

Peregrine Pinot Noir

A silky and elegant wine with dark red cherry, spice and blackcurrant notes, perfect for pairing with roasted meats and game.

Rabbit Ranch Pinot Noir

Billed as a bright-eyed red with hints of briar patch and a whiff of gun smoke, this fruit-forward wine is made to be savoured and supped.

Squealing Pig Pinot Noir

A silky wine bursting with ripe cherry, coffee and chocolate, with ripe berry flavours and French oak spice.

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