Old Skool Chardonnay

Chardonnay drinkers rejoice! The big, bold chardonnays of the '80s are back, but with a refined twist. If you're in need of a reintroduction, here are a few to start off with

Chardonnay hasn’t had the best of reputations over the past five years. 

It’s oaky, it’s dry and it packs a lip-puckering punch – a taste sensation that people tend to turn their noses up to. 

Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc seem to get all the attention when it comes to white wine. They’re fresher styles, easier-to-drink and often a reliable match with food. 

However, chardonnay is a versatile grape and New Zealand just so happens to have the ideal climate for it to thrive. The cooler season produces wines that are less alcoholic and less heavy with a distinct balance and freshness. 

So next time you reach for your trusty sav, perhaps you'll be tempted to give one of these new-and-improved chardonnays a try:

​Kumeu Village 

A far cry from the heavy, syrup-like chardonnays of the past, Kumeu Village has lively lemon and lime aromas with hints of fig and white peach.

Expect a slight weight on the palate but with a cleansing, crisp finish. 

Main Divide

This wine’s grapes were grown on a mixture of clay and stony soils, and the Main Divide team made sure that they didn’t become too hot.

The result is a bright lemon coloured wine with flavours of ripe peach and melon plus a hint of fresh lemon and lime. A great entry-level chardonnay. 

​Pask Gimblett Road 

Packed with melon, fresh grapefruit and citrus notes, this chardonnay hails from the Hawke’s Bay where it underwent a cool fermentation and a short five months of ageing. 

Matua Lands & Legends 

Another Hawke’s Bay gem, Matua Lands & Legends Chardonnay carries aromas of white peach, apple and roasted cashews.

The natural acidity is balanced with the wine’s creamy texture – making it a perfect match for Moroccan Lamb Tagine. 

​Brancott Estate Letter Series 

With grapes sourced from the top-performing vineyards in Malbourgh, this wine is highly-textured with strong stone fruit and citrus notes.

It carries a peaches and cream-like palate quality and a hint of minerality.

Stoneleigh Latitude 

A beautifully rich and weighty chardonnay with toasty oak aromas and hints of clove and spice.

Its nectarine and citrus notes are best highlighted with seafood, pasta and poultry.

Vidal Reserve 

Vidal understand that good chardonnays don’t have to spend lengthy time in barrels. Their chardonnay is a intricately-fashioned wine with subtle, flavours of fragrant citrus and flora.

Try it with fish, poultry and fresh salads.

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