Dinner Party

Modern-day Manners: Dinner Party Drinks Etiquette

So you’ve been invited to what should be a night of good food, good banter and hopefully good drinks. However, the last element is somewhat up to you. Here are our tips for what booze to bring to a dinner party.

Think of the bottle of wine or box of beers you bring along to a shindig as a gift to the host. It’s a gesture of gratitude for them slaving away in the kitchen cooking up some quality nosh. 

1. Basic bevvies

When it comes to choosing your beverage, it’s best to stick to the basics. Opt for a solid red wine if it’s winter, or a crisp white for the warmer months. Alternatively, if you know your host is a beer drinker, considering turning up with a selection of 3-5 craft beers. And if they’re a staunch whisky drinker, then a bottle of Scotch won’t go amiss. 

2. Price point

In terms of how much to spend on said bottles, it’s up to you. There’s no need to splash out on a $40 vintage since $20 will get you a decent wine these days. If you’re rocking up with your partner, or have a tendency to polish off a bottle of wine on your own, then consider bringing two bottles. 

3. Click + Collect

Don’t get your knickers in a twist over bringing the perfect beverage. Head to our Liquorland website and sort through the best of the best. Order through Click + Collect and pick up from your local store en route to the dinner. Cin cin! 

3 Dinner Drinks Etiquette Tips 

  • The number one rule is to never put pressure on your host to open your bottle. Sometimes your judgement might be wrong and they planned to serve vodka tonics with their lamb main, instead of your thoughtful syrah. In this case, don’t be offended. 
  • Similarly, if you’re the host for the evening, make sure you don’t plop your guests bottle on any easy-to-forget spot on the kitchen bench. This speaks volumes about what you think of their beverage choice, which can be downright rude. Instead, try and incorporate it into the menu. Wine tasting evening, anyone?
  • ?It’s the host’s job to keep glasses filled. If they’ve forgotten to top yours up for a while (30 minutes without a vino in hand calls for intervention), simply make a comment about how much you enjoyed the last glass and how you’d like a thimble more. Keep it classy. 

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