Spring Drinking

Light Choices For A Long Lunch

When you’re kicking back for long lunch, it’s best to do it with some light bevvies in hand. Here are our picks.

Wine time

Mionetto Prosecco

Bubbly is a long lunch must-have and you can’t go wrong with a prosecco. With over 125 years of prosecco production under their belt, Mionetto have mastered the perfect sparkling wine. It’s lightly straw coloured with bright yellow highlights, well-balanced acidity, and a subtle hit of white peach and golden apple. Its dry, clean finish makes it the perfect match for your favourite lunch munchies.

Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc – spring food’s best friend. This silky Spy Valley version features vibrant flavours of white peach, melon and mango with a zesty sweet pea and citrus edge. The ripe tropical fruit flavours are the stars but there is a hint of mineral and savoury influences running through the palate. All in all, a stellar lunch companion. 

Jules Taylor Gruner Veltliner

We can’t get enough of ‘Groovy’ (she featured in our aromatic summer picks last week). Jules Taylor have fashioned a wine with a delicate flavours but the right amount of oomph. Its aromas of white peach, plum and apple blossom will put you in the spring mood. 

Bring on the beer

Heineken Light 12pk 

A new arrival on the Liquorland shelves, Heineken Light captures everything you love about the Dutch beverage, but without sending you sideways. At a modest 2.5 per cent ABV, this beer is just what you want out of a lower alcohol brew – packed with flavour and refreshing finish. 

Tuatara ITI Little Big Hop APA

An oldie but a goodie – this little guy is one of our favourites. Low in alcohol (3.3%), big on flavour, American and Nelson Sauvin hops are the main flavour players in this American Pale Ale, and the lightly malted base lets them shine.

Macs Mid Vicious 6pk

Another great brew on the lower end of the boozy spectrum is Macs’ hoppy heavy Mid Vicious. At 2.5 per cent ABV, it’s perfect for when you’re the designated sober driver or keen to keep the drink indulging to a minimum. 

DB Export Citrus Range

The DB Export Citrus family are a delicious wee bunch. Born in 2013, DB Export Citrus Lemon is the big papa. It’s made with quality lager and a healthy dose of natural lemon juice, giving the beer a slightly cloudy appearance. The next in line is the DB Export Citrus Grapefruit. Like the lemon version, it has a lower alcohol content of 2 per cent ABV, no preservatives, and is a refreshing alternative during the warmer months.

And if you’re on the look out with a beer without the booze, pick up DB Export Citrus Zero – the newest member. It’s brewed using the four key beer ingredients – malted barley, hops, water and yeast – then blasted with cold yeast, which allows the DB brewers to eliminate any trace of alcohol. 

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