New Zealand wines

Leftfield introduces autumnal Albariño

There's a new white wine on the block that's set to bring the buzz back to your next get-together

If you've spent some time around the sunny shores of southern Europe, chances are you've had a glass of Albariño. This little-known varietal has long been loved in the northern hemisphere, and now it's beginning to break ground here in New Zealand.

Leftfield Albariño has a typically Kiwi twist, packing a promising punch all the way from the East Coast. The Spanish grapes are grown in Gisborne, a region known for its climate extremes, bringing together the old world and the new for an unconventional blend that works beautifully.

Delightfully refreshing, with hints of citrus flowers and stone fruits, Leftfield Albariño is ideal for those seeking something a little softer than sauvignon blanc, and a little lighter than a full-bodied pinot gris.

This exciting new wine is great with fish and shellfish - think oysters, fish tacos and spicy ceviche. So if you fancy something a little different, pick up your bottle today.