The joys of spring

To celebrate the arrival of spring, our friends at Brown Brothers have shared some gorgeous recipes with us using their Moscato Rosa

The Pink Delight

The Pink Delight cocktail uses the beautiful Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa and a gorgeous hint of elderflower liqueur. It’s light, fresh and perfect for sipping while lounging in the sun with friends.


750ml Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa

90ml elderflower liqueur

375ml soda water



Place ice in a large jug and top with Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa. Pour in elderflower liqueur and soda water and gently stir to combine. Pour into glasses and garnish with rosemary or flowers.

Moscato Rosa Macarons

For the ultimate sweet treat, make some gorgeous rose macarons using Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa – the perfect treat for parties and high tea!

You can find the recipe for these gorgeous morsels here.

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