Ice, ice baby

Moët & Chandon are breaking all the rules with their new Moët Ice Imperial champagne

The pop of a cork, a light northerly on your cheek, some laughter from across the garden and the tickle of bubbles on your nose. Yes, summer is here and with it a whole host of good reasons to break open a bottle of your best champagne.

Of course, Methode Champenoise has always come with a strict set of rules. Chilled to 7deg C, preferably served in a tulip shaped glass and never – never! – over ice.

Until now.

Moët Ice Impérial hits your local Liquorland this summer, and is designed specifically to be served over ice; breaking the age old problem of wanting your champers straight away rather than waiting for it to cool in your fridge.

“For any other champagne, adding ice would break its equilibrium. But the innovation behind Moët Ice Impérial’s stylish signature is the perfect balance that is achieved only once it is served on ice,” said Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave of Moët & Chandon.

Using their 270 years of wine making experience, Moët have created a pioneering new way to enjoy champagne. The rich fruit flavours of mango and guava, nectarine and berries come alive over ice, with a caramel quality, ginger notes and sweetness on the palate that make this champagne the ideal companion to drinks in the garden, or even at your local beach.

Says Gouez; “Moët Ice Impérial’s fruity intensity and richness in the mouth are purposely boosted to anticipate the cool and diluting effects of the ice, making it the perfect summer accompaniment.”

Best served with sliced strawberries or a sprig of mint, over ice in a large red wine glass.

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