Wine Hacks

How To: Clean Wine Glasses Like a Pro

Constantly battling with your streaky, cloudy wine glasses? Here’s how to get them sparkling again

Whether it’s delicate crystal or cheap everyday vessels, no one wants to drink out of a blemished wine glass. 

Washing by hand will ensure that the glasses stay in chip-free and pristine condition. 

To make your life easier, we’ve tried and tested the different ways to clean a glass. These five fail-proof methods give the best results...

  1. Inspection 
    Bright lipstick marks? Greasy fingerprints? Wine glasses tend to look a bit mucky at the end of a night. Make sure you quickly look at the state of the glasses before you wash them. If there are any marks, simply scrub them away with a soft, wet dishcloth. 
  2. Use the hottest of water 
    Now it’s time for the grunt work. Get your hands in some gloves and wash the glasses under hot water. This will get rid of any lingering stains or marks and sterilise the glasses. 
  3. Ditch the detergent 
    To prevent the taste of soap featuring in your next glass of wine, try and use as little washing detergent as possible. In fact, if you’re brave enough, use none at all – hot water will provide a thorough enough clean most of the time.

    However, if you still have niggly stains, a minuscule (we’re talking tiny) amount of detergent will do the trick. 
  4. Air dry naturally
    Give the glasses a final rinse with cold water and set them upside down on a tea towel to drip dry. Using a cloth will leave traces of lint. When you need your glasses pronto, gently dry them with a microfiber cloth, cradling the bowl of the glass to avoid breakage. 
  5. New again 
    Every so often it’s a good idea to soak your glasses in a weak vinegar solution. This will eliminate any wine-related organic matter.   

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