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Aromatics can provide just as much pleasure on the nose as on the palate, making them a lovely choice for slowly sipping (and sniffing) on a sunny afternoon

Aromatic wines are defined by their dominant aromas of fruit, spice and all things nice, e.g. florals, citrus and herbs. Three of our favourite aromatics for summer are varieties you have probably heard of – gewürztraminer, pinot gris and riesling. Gewürz is known for its aromas of rosewater and lychee, riesling for notes of jasmine and beeswax and pinot gris for its citrusy perfume.

Fun fact

While strong in lovely aromas like lime, beeswax and nectarine, riesling can sometimes have a whiff of petrol or kerosene too – but don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing! These aromas come from a compound called TDN, which can become more pronounced as a wine ages in bottle. We think this distinct smell makes rieslings even more enticing and intriguing.

Top tips for food pairing

Middle Eastern Cuisine

It’s pretty simple really – aromatic wines like aromatic foods, so there’s no need to play it safe with flavours around here. Gewürz pairs beautifully with Middle Eastern flavours, so try a glass alongside a feast of falafels, hummus, fresh tabouleh and rosewater-spiked desserts. Riesling is superfood friendly, lending itself nicely to Asian flavours of ginger, chilli and lime leaf, as well as standing up to hearty sauces and meat dishes. Pinot gris, while being extremely versatile, enjoys the more simple things in life like a golden roast chicken, barbecued fish and green beans with parmesan and lemon. In saying that, it pairs well with a hint of spice – Thai fish cakes or a chilli tomato salsa – and a more complex full-bodied pinot gris will stand up to creamy sauces and buttery roast potatoes.

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