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Hear her roar

Mt Difficulty's Roaring Meg wine is hot on the vino scene right now. But what is the story behind this Meg character and her tasty tipples?

Central Otago in the 1860's was a place glistening with potential. Potential in the form of pure gold. After this precious element was discovered in the region, young men flooded the area hoping to find their fortune. And naturally, a number of enterprising young women followed, with their eyes on opportunity. Legend has it that one high spirited, fun-loving woman named Meg was among this group of fortune seekers.

Roaring Meg.

And roar she did. According to Mt Difficulty, lawyer and historian Robert Gilkison once wrote: "It used to be generally told in Cromwell that an early party of diggers took with them two girls from a dancing saloon. When they reached the first large stream they carried the lasses across, and one made so much fuss that they called it after her, 'Roaring Meg', while the other was particularly calm and peaceful and the next stream was called 'Gentle Annie' after her."

Later, New Zealand's first hydro electric power station was named in Meg's honour. To this day, the Roaring Meg power station feeds power to the locals.

And the Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg wine feeds beautiful wine to loyal fans dotted all over the globe. Produced in the luscious wine region of Central Otago, Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg is a wine that does not disappoint.

The Roaring Meg Pinot Noir, in all of its rich, textured glory is a favourite of red-lovers worldwide, while the Roaring Meg crisp and lemony sauvignon blanc and smooth pinot gris are whites that give New Zealand wine the glowing name it deserves in the world of wine. 

Do Meg proud and try out some of our favourite gorgeous Mt Difficulty Roaring Meg wines below!

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