Sparkling Wine

Fresh, fizzy and free

You know the feeling: you’re mixing with friends and family, whether it’s online or in person. The celebrations are kicking off with toasts being raised, glasses are clinking and the bubbles are flowing. You want to limit your alcohol but prefer something other than fizzy water!

Lindauer Free* is just the ticket. It’s a fantastic tasting sparkling wine from New Zealand’s number one sparkling wine brand - with less than 0.5% alcohol.

Whatever your reason for moderating your alcohol intake, Lindauer Free* is a great tasting alcohol-free choice, particularly with the festive season just around the corner!

The wine has been carefully crafted by Jane De Witt, New Zealand’s most awarded maker of sparkling wines so you know it’s going to taste great; there may be less than 0.5% ABV but the wine still retains Lindauer’s signature aromatics and style.

Lindauer Free* comes in a Brut, which is fresh and vibrant with a lingering finish, and as a Rosé which has fresh hints of strawberry.