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Meal suggestions (from gourmet treats to cheeky takeaways) to pair perfectly with Akarua’s RUA Pinot Noir, a price-friendly pinot that’s designed to drink as a young fresh red

Pinot noir is one of New Zealand's most popular wine varieties, thanks to its amazing aromas, complex tastes, and the fact our country produces some of the best examples in the world.

Akarua’s RUA Pinot Noir is ideal for pinot-loving Kiwis, as it fits perfectly with our easygoing approach to food. Grown in Central Otago near Lake Dunstan (pictured right, during autumn harvest), RUA Pinot Noir was deliberately created to drink as a young fresh red, making it price-friendly but also delivering well above the bar as a high-quality wine experience.

Hence, RUA Pinot Noir 2016 is just as at home with a gourmet meal as it is with a tasty cheat’s meal (a.k.a takeaways, shhhhh). Which is kind of fitting since “rua” is “two” in Maori, reflecting the dual nature of this widely appealing wine.

Wine Tasting Notes:

“Ripe, fresh, very fruity core with sweet raspberry and cherry, a hint of cola, rose and crushed rock, some new then seasoned oak suggestions. Juicy, fresh, crisp and dry; a lovely core of fruit, not too intense showing off vibrant red fruit, oak spice and texture – all leading to a lengthy and charming finish.” – review of RUA Pinot Noir 2016 by Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier, who has awarded the wine an amazing 93/100 points

LOOK: Get ready to feast your eyes on an invitingly bright cherry liquid

SCENTS: Before tasting, your nose will be treated to smells of bright red fruits, light floral aromas, violet and dried herbs

TASTE: First flavours of sweet juicy red berries will be followed by savoury hits and light spices, with soft tannins (that pleasing dusty/chalky texture), and a fine oak finish

Food Match Suggestions:

RUA Pinot Noir 2016 pairs well with a wide variety of flavours, making it as at home with light meats like chicken and fish, as it is with a hearty steak.

HIGH: “Enjoy our RUA Pinot Noir with a traditional rack of lamb with rosemary and thyme, a fennel-garlic pork roast, or lemon butter grilled salmon,” advises Akarua Winemaker Andrew Keenleyside.

MID: RUA Pinot Noir will pair well with most meats, so is a perfect companion to mid-week pasta or a quick steak, especially if you chuck in a handful of soft herbs like thyme or sage.

LOW: Weekend takeaways – who can resist them? But make yours work harder by pairing flavours with your wine. RUA Pinot Noir loves duck, game and soft, white or blue cheeses. Opt for a venison burger, roast duck noodles, a chicken and blue cheese burger, or a “quattro formaggi” (four cheese) pizza.

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