BYO BASICS — Italian

In part three of our four-part series, Toast looks at the top BYO basics for Italian dining

Welcome to part three of our four-part series of Toast BYO Basics where we explore the best tipples and tricks to enhance your cheap and cheerful dining experience.

Fresh pasta, crusty bruschetta, soft focaccia, oozy cheese – the Italian cuisine is undeniably rich, simple and beautiful. But whether you’re opting for a sage butter smothered ravioli, a tomato and mozzarella laden bruschetta or a cheesy pizza, there is a wine out there that can enhance that glistening plate of gorgeous like never before. 

We’ve made life simple for you and taken all your BYO desires - cheap, easy and yummy – and broken our advice into two simple categories: yes and no. It is the basics, after all.


- Lemony dishes such as zesty risotto or lemon-baked fish are a wonderful match with white wine such as sauvignon blanc. The acidity of the sauvignon blanc pairs nicely with notes of citrus and cuts through rich textures. 

- Red wines are a great match for red foods – tomato-based pastas, fresh tomato Caprese salads and red meats.

- Prosecco is a great drop to enjoy with a lighter entrée or nibbles – crunchy polenta chips, oozy arancini or cheese platters (drooling yet?) Keep the bubbles for starters only though – champagne and big meaty mains is best avoided.

- Garlic and butter is a beautiful, beautiful thing. But a dry, crisp white wine such as a pinot gris or sauvignon blanc can lift this dream duo like you wouldn’t believe.

- Chardonnay has a gentle richness to it which is a great match with gentle rich sauces such as Alfredo.


- Champagne and rich, red meat main courses – it speaks for itself, really. Fizz, fat and meat can be all too much for one’s tummy. Bubbles = great for Italian entrées only.

So now that we're all in the know, check out our top tipples for Italian BYO:

Thornbury Sauvignon Blanc

SOHO White Collection Pinot Gris

Mud House Chardonnay

Mionetto Prestige Prosecco

Durvillea Pinot Noir

Matawhero Merlot

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