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Bubbly: the under $25 guide

A good, economical bubbly is a must for this time of year. Liquorland Toast has you covered with our list of the best sparkling wines under $25

Ever wondered why we all end up toasting with a glass of bubbly during special occasions? Well, Champagne was originally created by accident – and what a happy accident it was!

The chilly winter weather in Champagne, France routinely interrupted wine production back in the 17th century, leading to the bubbly end product we know and love. This was seen as a disaster by the wine-makers of the time, who dubbed it ‘le vin du diable’ – the Devil’s wine.

However, bubbly quickly rose to the top of the social ladder. By 1780, the brilliant beverage had become a sign of high status amongst the English nobility, and the tradition of drinking champagne to mark celebrations was born. It’s not hard to see why – sparkling, lively, and quite literally overflowing with energy, it’s the perfect symbol for happiness.

Today, the distinctive ‘pop’ of a cork instantly means ‘celebration’ – whether that’s Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, or simply the joy of having a delicious bottle of bubbles handy!

Here’s our picks for the best bubbly under $25 for you to toast Christmas, sip at the stroke of midnight, or share with your nearest and dearest.

Daniel Le Brun Methode Traditionelle Brut NV

Daniel Le Brun

Marlborough sparklers have a reputation for brilliance – but this one’s an absolute star! Aromas of crisp apple, brioche and fragrant chamomile mingle with a soft, creamy mouthfeel and a hint of hazelnut.

Lindauer Special Reserve Brut Cuvée NV and Rosé

Lindauer Special Reserve Rose

Both of these varieties are elegant wines that were created with special occasions and casual catch-ups in mind – sweet, powerful, and perfect for any occasion. Choose Rosé for the creamy sweetness of fresh strawberries and cream, or Brut Cuvée for an exotic medley of white flowers, creamy citrus sorbet, and delicate honeydew.

Graham Norton Prosecco

Graham Norton Prosecco

Made with the input of legendary entertainer Graham Norton, this mellow Northern Italian Prosecco strikes the perfect note between fruitiness and bitterness. A bubbly, bright delight that's bound to steal the spotlight at any celebration.

Daniel Le Brun Rosé

 Daniel Le Brun Rose

Beautifully crafted using hand-picked Pinot Noir grapes from three carefully selected sites, this spirited rosé strikes the perfect balance between lively and delicate. Wild strawberries, praline and freshly baked bread are completed by a soft, creamy mouthfeel. An elegant summer picnic in a bottle!

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