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Win Two Brandy Glasses from Stevens

Once you've learned the secret of drinking brandy from the correct glassware, you'll never drink it any other way again

There's something deeply comforting about sitting back in your favourite chair, your hand curled around a large brandy as you mull over life and the universe. 

Whether you like your brandy fresh and floral, or hefty with tobacco notes, brandy should always be served in a brandy snifter, with no ice or mix. 

A good brandy glass, like these beautiful Cognac glasses from renowned Italian glassware maker Luigi Bormioli, has a wide bowl and short stem, and narrows at the top. The glass is designed to direct the brandy aroma to your nose, and to precisely the correct part of your tongue.

Quick tip: leave the brandy bottle open for around an hour before drinking, and warm it in your hands before drinking in small sips.

Ready for a brandy now? These stylish lead-free, dishwasher-safe glasses are designed so your hand wraps easily around the cup, helping to increase the temperature of the distillate, releasing complex aromas.

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