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More really is more with the introduction of two new Extra Value Range pizzas at Domino's

For pizza aficionados who have a love of tangy BBQ, then the new BBQ Sausage & Bacon is sure to ‘top’ their favourite pizza list, featuring new and improved Italian Sausage and crispy Rasher Bacon; while those craving a hearty slice will be satisfied by three meats, which includes spicy Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, and seasoned Ground Beef.

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ANZ Culinary Innovation & Development Chef Michael Treacy said ‘meat lovers’ will be tempted to try a slice of this new hearty, pizza offering.

“Topped with stretchy Mozzarella, the tasty flavour combination of Pizza sauce, paired with new and improved smokey Italian Sausage, crispy Rasher Bacon and Ground Beef on the new 3 Meats pizza is set to become a crowd pleaser. It’s irresistibly good!

“The BBQ Sausage & Bacon is also a personal favourite of mine, providing a delicious and indulgent offering to customers who enjoy a tangier flavour profile.”

‘Knead’ to get your hands on a slice? Domino’s Extra Value Range is available from $7 pick-up at all Domino’s stores nationwide.

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