Win a 'Mingle' Seasoning Pack, worth $200!

Bring a little personality to dinnertime, thanks to Mingle Seasoning.

Mingle Seasoning started in 2016 in founder Jordyn Evans' kitchen. As she was clearing out her pantry, she realised the seasonings she had been using contained a whole lot of nasty ingredients that were used to bulk up the blend and save costs, rather than just add flavour! 

Jordyn decided to "shake things up", quite literally, and created Mingle.

Thanks to Mingle Seasoning, we have a 'Bit of Everything' seasoning and sauce pack to give away!

Mingle Seasoning 1

What's in the Mingle 'Bit of Everything' pack?
Well, it's the only cooking set you'll ever need!

  • 7 giant best-selling savoury seasonings (flavour bombs)
  • 10 healthy 30-min meal dinner blends
  • 3 healthy sauces
  • 1 healthy gravy powder

All Mingle seasoning products are: Free from added sugar; Keto-Friendly; Vegan-Friendly; Preservative Free; Lower in sodium *compared to mass-market offering. Mingle sauces are: Keto-Friendly; Vegan-Friendly; All Natural Ingredients; Less than 2 grams of sugar per serve; Lower in sodium *compared to mass-market offering Mingle gravies are: Lower in sodium *compared to mass-market offering; No vegetable oils; Vegan Friendly; Maltodextrin/shortening powder/beverage whitener free; No added sugar.