Superfood cocktails

Is your cocktail healthy?

Alcohol should, of course, always be enjoyed in moderation; but there are some tricks to choosing cocktails that could have wider benefits

If you are truly on a health kick, then you're best off keeping your drinks virgin. However, there are some cocktail choices you can make that are better for you than others - here are some superfoods sneaking their way onto the cocktail menu

Coconut water

Packed with simple sugars, electrolytes and minerals, this is a great ingredient for helping quench thirst and limit dehydration when drinking alcohol. Why not try coconut water and a twist of lime in a mimosa, or add a splash to your mojito.


Loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and potassium, it's believed pomegranate can help lower the risk of heart disease and cancer, reduce cholesterol and fight cell damage. Try switching the Bourbon for vodka in a Mint Julep, and adding a splash of pomegranate juice instead of soda water. Divine.

Greener Colada

Created by UK mixers company Imbiberry, this blend of spinach, coconut water and pineapple is an excellent superfood smoothie - mix it with a splash of vodka and you've got the healthiest cocktail of the lot. It has taken London by storm; why not try and recreate it in your mixer at home?


If you've been following the raw food revolution you will know just how versatile this fruit is. Make a mean, green margarita by combining the tequila and triple sec with avocado, agave nectar and a few coriander sprigs in a blender with some ice. 


They contain a high amount of polyphenols for over all good health, antibacterial properties and anti inflammatory qualities - while also decreasing bad cholestrol. That should make you feel less guilty about ordering a classic Cosmopolitan.

Mimosa with a twist

Mimosa with a twist

Perfect Cosmopolitan

Perfect Cosmopolitan

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