Whisky-Tasting Tips With Tash McGill

Whisky expert Tash McGill takes us through a quick lesson in whisky-tasting.

Forget complicated rituals and following other people's rules. Tasting whisky is about exploration having fun! 

Whisky expert Tash McGill (pictured above) shows us how: 


Look a the colour, examine the viscosity. 


Gently, slowly, not too deep. What can you smell? Fruits? Sweetness? Spices? Maybe a little oak?


A tiny sip at first to see what sparks on your palate. Is it sweet, like vanilla? Spicy? What memories does it evoke? Close your eyes if you want? 

Is it smooth or warming? Did it have a long finish or quite short? Each sip will unpack more flavour. 

Remember this is whisky your way, so however you enjoy it is the best way to drink it. That may be with a few dashes of water, a little ice – or even with a little fizz. Cheers! 

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