Unmistakably Tanqueray

Original award-winning Tanqueray London Dry Gin just got a refreshing new makeover

The pairing of citrus and gin is a beautiful thing. The crisp tang of lime, and the bittersweet zest of orange, work naturally with the clean juniper taste of gin, and House of Tanqueray has taken the classic match up a notch with two new flavours.

Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla has been crafted with a delightful taste profile that balances the bitter sweetness of world-renowned Seville oranges with the four botanicals of their London Dry Gin. Inspired by Charles Tanqueray's original recipes, Flor de Sevilla is also available premixed with soda, providing a light and tasty blend that's perfect for drinks at home or with friends.

Tanqueray Rangpur has been distilled with the zesty flavour of rare Rangpur Limes. This exotic gin flavour is beautiful paired with other citrus fruits to create a light and easy drinking gin with a pleasantly sharp twist you'll love. 

Love your Tanqueray the simple way? Get your hands on the new Definitive Tanqueray and Tonic, a simple way to bring the bar to you. Whichever way you love your gin, the House of Tanqueray has everything you need to sip and savour.



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