Top Drops: Tequila!

Tequila is the long-hailed hero ingredient of a classic margarita (but we totally see you too, orange liqueur and lime juice). It's made from blue agave – grown in the Jalisco region of Mexico. 

The agave heart (piñas) is harvested, baked, fermented, distilled and then either aged or bottled, before making its way to our shores ready to enjoy whichever way you please. 

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El Jimador Blanco Tequila 

This tequila's unique taste comes straight from the 100% blue agave; a crisp, authentic drop with a subtle cooked agave taste and hints of citrus goodness. 

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold

As the name suggests, a golden-style tequila made from a blend of resposado (aged) and younger tequilas. Ever the story-maker Cuervo Gold's own story includes the leading role in the invention of The Margarita, and it is still the perfect tequila for that beloved cocktail.

Pepe Lopez Gold Tequila

Light amber in appearance, Pepe Lopez has a spicy citrus taste. Available in Gold and Silver, it's a quality tequila at an affordable price.

Honourable mentions must go to Tequila Blu Reposado and Kah Reposado Tequila (both pictured in main image) – the tequila's impressive but the bottle design is a must-have for any vibrant shelf! 

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