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Top Chocolate Spirits for Easter

Easter weekend is on the horizon. Here’s our pick of the best chocolate spirits for grown-up Easter indulgence including a chocolate gin, liqueurs and chilli chocolate tequila

Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular flavours, loved globally for its rich, spicy and warming deliciousness. We’re giving Easter a grown-up edge this year with our pick of the best chocolate spirits available at Liquorland…

Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Liqueur

One of New Zealand’s most-loved liqueurs, this baby is a blend of Lewis Road cream, real chocolate and triple distilled spirit, RRP$49.99.

How to drink it: on its own over ice, poured into coffee, or in cocktails like a White Russian or hard shake

Patron XO Café Incendio Chile Chocolate

Patron silver tequila meets Mexican arbol chillies and New Zealand Criollo chocolate for a sweet and spicy kick, RRP$59.99.

How to drink it: on its own, over ice or in cocktails

Kahlua Chilli Chocolate

The original rum and coffee liqueur is amplified with chilli pepper and rich milk chocolate, RRP$34.99.

How to drink it: over ice, in chilli hot chocolate or cocktails like an espresso martini

Sacred Spring Chocolate Gin

Created in Golden Bay, this is a high quality dry gin infused with cocoa husk and rooibos tea, RRP$89.99.

How to drink it: sip on its own over ice, or pair with ginger ale and orange for a spicy twist

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