Japanese whisky

The Chita launches in New Zealand

If you're a fan of scotch, The Chita Japanese whisky is well worth exploring

From Beam Suntory comes The Chita Single Grain, a single grain whisky that flies the flag for the Suntory Chita distillery, the largest in Japan. The Chita is the newest expression from the House of Suntory, a mild, smooth, single grain whisky with unique sophistication and a clean, clear finish.

Described by Suntory Master Blender Shinji Fukuyo as '...the serenity of Japanese whisky', The Chita uses unmalted grains, such as maize, (as opposed to the malted barley usually found in a single malt). Using a wide variety of casks to age and finish the whisky before blending, this creates a lighter and more delicate spirit. 

The Chita is a very pale straw colour, as you'd expect from a pure grain whisky. The nose is very light and sweet, with baked cereal and pear-like notes, and a ting of liquorice edging into a slightly charred note. Quick and fruity, with a corn note and unripe bananas coming through creating sweetness, before liquorice root and nutty bitterness fades to a sweet finish. A splash of water emphasises the sweetness.

The Chita makes a great mixer; try it in a highball or whisky sour for a top drink to savour.