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Teeling – Reviving the Spirit of Dublin

Dublin's once-famous whiskey industry sees a revival with Teeling Small Batch Whiskey

During the 19th century, Irish whiskey became recognised globally as the premier whiskey of the world, with 37 different distilleries in Dublin alone. Unfortunately, the 20th century saw the Irish whiskey industry fall on hard times, with the last still to run dry in 1973.

The Teeling Whiskey Distillery opened its doors to visitors in 2015, becoming the first new distillery within the Dublin city boundaries in more than 125 years and the first to be operational in 39 years.

To celebrate this revival of the Spirit of Dublin, Teeling have produced ‘The Revival’ – a 13-year-old Irish whiskey which finished its maturation in calvados casks.

Experience the Spirit of Dublin yourself with the distillery's flagship Teeling Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey.

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