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Sweet ‘n’ smooth

The world has gone bonkers for Baileys, but there are so many other sweet and smooth liqueurs out in the boozemosphere. We look at what other gems you may like to dabble in if you are a lover of things indulgent and sweet

The world adores the sweet, creamy and moreish delight that is Bailey’s Irish Cream. But unless you’ve been living under a very large slab of concrete for the past few decades, you probably already knew that.

Something that you might not know, though, is that despite the fact we’re obsessed with Baileys (it is estimated that over 2000 glasses of Bailey’s Irish Cream is consumed every minute around the world. Which is over 2,880,000 a day, 20,160,000 glasses a week, you get the picture) there is a whole world of other sweet, indulgent liqueurs out there along the lines of this beloved nectar that don’t quite get as much air time.

To help you branch out and dabble in something new, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite sweet ‘n’ smooth liqueurs that we think might just tickle your fancy.

Santa Marta Chocolate Liqueur: Velvety and smooth, this Italian chocolatey delight is gorgeous on the rocks, chilled, over ice cream or added to your favourite espresso martini for that mocha factor.

Amarula: Made in South Africa with the fruit of the Marula tree, this decadent liqueur has a distinct tropical body to it mixed with a creaminess that very few cream liqueurs can out-do. Amarula has a rich past and has a socially responsible edge you can learn all about here.

Advocaat: Advocaat is a Dutch liqueur made from egg yolk, sugar, brandy and vanilla. It has a creamy yellow appearance and a smooth, full body. Advocaat is used in old fashioned cocktails such as the Snowball: a mix of Advocaat, lemonade and lime juice. Thick Advocaat is available on the Dutch and Belgian market and is eaten with a spoon or served on top of ice cream or waffles.

Tia Maria: Originally produced in Jamaica, Tia Maria is a rum and coffee liqueur with a rich, sweet palate. A slightly smoother and stronger take on Kahlua, Tia Maria is a beautiful base to an espresso martini, in a tiramisu or over ice with a splash of milk.

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