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All you need to know about Moonshine

For anybody who watched telly in the early 80’s, moonshine has one very strong association... a couple of good ol’ boys and an orange Dodge Charger usually seen fleeing an inept sheriff’s department in Dukes of Hazzard. But maybe it’s the fact those kids are now all grown up and trying their own craft distilling, that’s behind the rise of “legit” or professionally made moonshine in the world of spirits.

Traditionally the term moonshine refers to any kind of alcohol produced illegally but in the days of American prohibition, a whisky variant, made from grain mash, sugar, yeast and water, was one of the most common types.

Since in most countries a whisky can’t be called a whisky, no matter what its colour, unless it’s been in oak, moonshine seems to work as a name for the new trend for grain-based spirits bottled straight from the still, without barrel aging, resulting in a clear liquid that usually has a fairly strong grain flavour – like an intense vodka.

There are some variants though such as Jim Beam’s Jacob’s Ghost which has been aged for a year in white oak and can therefore be called a white whisky.

The jury’s out among drinkers and bartenders on the taste and best use for the spirit – some say it’s for mixing only, while others say it can have an intense kick, it’s a trend worth trying.

Best answer is try it for yourself!

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