Shaken not stirred: A guide to mixing drinks

While he was skilled in the art of saving the world, James Bond’s cocktail knowledge had room for improvement. When constructing a cocktail, the decision to stir, shake or blend can make it either a gem or a dud. Here’s what to do when

When to stir 

As a rule of thumb, if your cocktail is made purely of liquor, stir it.

Since all alcohols have similar densities, they can be easily combined without having to give them the shake. Place ice cubes into a glass and stir quickly but smoothly for 5 to 20 seconds until your cocktail is silky and chilled.

Drinks include: Martini (Bond’s favourite), Manhattan & Negroni

When to shake 

Shake it up when working with egg, cream liqueurs, citrus or any other thick mixers. The aim is to create air bubbles to give the drink a light and frothy appearance. Shake vigorously for 8 to 10 seconds, check the drink and then shake again if the ingredients are not yet combined. Once your concoction is ready, strain into a cocktail glass. Keep in mind that egg white drinks require up to 30 seconds of shaking to give them a meringue-like texture.

Drinks include: Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Daiquiri & Whiskey Sours

When to build

Sometimes a quick stir is all you need to create the perfect blend. These drinks are typically served ‘on the rocks’ with a combination of alcoholic and carbonated parts. As there is no need to strain out the ice, you can simply pour the ingredients into the glass and gently stir them together.

Drinks include: Gin and Tonic, Vodka and Soda, Mojito

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