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Settle into summer with a Stone's & Soda

Mix it up when the sun shines with this easy warm-weather ginger cocktail, made with Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine, now available in this cool limited edition bottle.

This is one for diehard collectors of all things Stone's, paying homage to the UK origins of this unique elixiir. 

Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine is a unique - some even say 'cult' - beverage. The Ginger Master selects the finest quality ginger roots, which are then harvested and sent to the Stone's winery. And that's when the real magic happens.

Stone's Original Green Ginger Wine is a rich golden brown colour, with a powerful aroma. This spicy character follows on the palate, where its zing and zest are quite noticeable, moderated by a softening sweetness. Serve 30mls of Stone's with 60mls of soda water and heaps of ice; give it a good stir and this drink will warm you from the tip of your tongue to the bottom of your toes. Or get creative and make your own cocktail!

The Limited Edition Stone's bottle is available until February 2021, and available in selected Liquorland stores.