Seedlip: Leading a growing movement

Steeped in history, the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit has quickly become a powerful force in the beverage world

Over three hundred years ago, physicians used copper stills to distill herbal remedies. It was a complex but powerful process, skillfully blending art and science in the service of health and healing.

One such expert in medicinal herbs, John French, documented his recipes in a book called The Art of Distillation.

Then one day, Seedlip founder Ben Branson (pictured above) stumbled across this lost lore and started experimenting. Using a small copper still and homegrown herbs, he began to rediscover the forgotten skill of distillation. An idea was born as Ben sipped a mocktail one Monday evening – bright chemical pink and stomach-churningly sweet – could this new-found knowledge be used to redefine the underwhelming world of non-alcoholic drink options?

After two years of intense experimentation (and plenty more disappointing mocktails), in 2015 Ben finalised his magic formula. His wonderfully aromatic Spice 94 hit the shelves… then very quickly flew off them.

The first batch sold out in three weeks, the next in three days, and the third in less than half an hour.

The bountiful brew went on to develop into new flavours (Garden 108 and citrus blend Grove 42), a cocktail recipe book and the global launch of the first ever NO & LO alcohol cocktail concept (Nolo®).


Seedlip combines Ben’s farming heritage with his love of nature, his desire to create quality non-alcoholic options, and his trusty copper still. The word ‘seedlip’ refers to a type of basket used to hand-sow seeds centuries ago – a name that pays homage to Ben’s family history.

What began in a kitchen in the woods is now part of a worldwide revolution with Seedlip now available in 26 countries – and a movement that carefully considers those choosing not to drink alcohol. Gone are the days of flat soft drinks, watery orange juice, and lukewarm water. Delicious with tonic or mixed to create sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails, Seedlip spirits are a welcome delight to any non-drinker.

It’s ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’, and what a drink it is – delicious botanical blends, hundreds of years of history, and refined elegance in a glass.

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