Scapegrace Vodka signals new era for Kiwi distillery

Scapegrace Distilling Co has released Scapegrace Vodka, representing the New Zealand spirit brand's first extension into a category beyond its world-renowned gin.

After the worldwide success of Scapegrace gin, which is now sold in 40 countries worldwide and won World's Best London Dry Gin in 2018, co-founders and brothers-in-law Mark Neal and Daniel McLaughlin decided to branch out, creating a vodka that is exquisitely simple, completely Kiwi, and absolutely delicious.

Evolving from being a gin company into a distillery is a big step forward at any time, but Scapegrace Vodka's creators Neal and McLaughlin felt the time was right to extend their family of spirits. Using a meticulous approach similar to the one Scapegrace used to develop their award-winning gin, Scapegrace Vodka is made in Canterbury, boasting characteristics from a wheat-based neutral grain spirit and 100% artisanal waters.

But rather than removing characteristics of the wheat and water through endless distillation, the idiosyncrasies of using an antique still have been left alone to speak for themselves. 

"You'll hear many distillers talk about their vodka being triple- or even quadruple-distilled; ours is distilled once from its neutral grin, using a 19th century copper pot," says Scapegrace marketing director Mark Neal. "It's the impurity and character of the water which makes it unique. The vodka is super thick, high in viscosity, creamy and slightly sweet, with pavlova-like characteristics."

Outside of the full strength Vodka, Scapegrace is also releasing a premium range of perfectly served RTDs including Scapegrace Vodka Soda with Lime; Vodka Old Fashioned; and Vodka Soda with Cucumber and Mint Light 2.5%.