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Savoury Cocktails?

Spring has finally sprung, but it's not quite warm enough to celebrate with the sweet tastes of summer. So we're taking this opportunity to delve into the world of salt and savoury, plus we take a look at a few combos to try

Youre either a Bloody Mary person, or youre not. Either way,savourycocktails are going to make an appearance as the temperature starts to heat up. Whether its five-plus-a-day in a glass, or a slight spice hit, its worth putting aside your beloved go-to sweet beverage and giving asavouryversion a shot.


Playing withsavouryflavoursand alcohol can be a bit intimidating at first. What are the rules? How muchsavouryis too much?

Before you start, think about what you want to be able to taste in your cocktail. Do you want nuttyflavoursto shine through? Smoky? Veggie notes? Or a meaty,umamikind of cocktail?

Vegetables, nuts, spices and fancy salts are a good place to start.

And then theres deciding what spirit to use.Savouryingredients tend to like smoky spirits such as bourbon, some Scotches, as well as driertasting gins.

Sweet meetssavoury

Spirits with a sweeter character can helpsavourycocktails find their balance.Beetrootor carrot juice works well withCampariand dry vermouth as they end up on a middle ground between sweet andsavoury.

Crushed nuts will add a salty crunch to a drink, or if youre feeling game, a spoonful of peanut butter with whiskey and coca cola makes for an interesting mix. Candied bacon also seems to be asavourycocktail fansfavourite.

Herbs also work well. Rogue Societys Winter Thyme is always a hit, or basil can give a cocktail leafy, fragrant kick.

Bit of a health nut? Green juices spinach, cucumber, lime and ginger marry well with tequila. Or if youre still on the fence, start with adding a slice of cucumber or a pinch of salt to your next cocktail.

A delicious place to start

Bloody Mary is the classic savoury cocktail, and a good one to try as a first attempt. Use it as a benchmark and experiment with ingredients along the way.

Ketel Bloody Mary

Ketel Bloody Mary