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Low Alcohol Cocktail

Spring is the time for stepping up that health routine, so here’s a low-alcohol cocktail to help you on your way

Consumption of no and low-alcohol drinks is on the rise and this year, Lion Ambassador Frankie Walker and the Lion Ambassadors team made 20,000 mid-strength cocktails at events like the Sevens and Auckland City Limits. Here the Lion Ambassador Team share one of the delicious low-alcohol cocktails they created…

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  • 120ml kombucha (Frankie used Good Buzz Jasmine Kombucha)
  • 60ml Lindauer Enlighten Moscato Rose
  • fresh mandarin peel

Pour the chilled Lindauer into a pre-chilled champagne glass, top with the kombucha and garnish with fresh mandarin peel


Lindauer Enlighten Moscato Rose is 25% lighter in alcohol than traditional sparkling wines. This can also be made into a non-alcoholic version by using Lindauer Sparkling Grape

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