Tricks to try

Ice Magic

Jazz up your summer cocktails with these pretty twists on the humble ice cube

Fancy florals

One of the most impressive ways to brighten up your beverages is to add flowers to your ice cubes. Use small edible flowers such as borage, pansies, nasturtiums or rose petals. 

To suspend flowers inside the ice, use large ice cube moulds and place the flowers face-down. Fill quarter of the mould with water and freeze solid. Add water so the cube is half full and freeze again. Fill to the top and freeze a final time. 

Perfect purees 

For extra flavourful cubes, puree and freeze combinations like watermelon and basil, cucumber and mint, fresh berries – whatever fruits and herbs will go well with your cocktails. You will need to add water to the puree to ensure the cubes freeze solid and won't melt too quickly in the glass.

Flavour infusions 

As well as looking pretty, freezing fresh berries or herbs like rosemary, thyme and mint in your ice cubes will add a gorgeous flavour-boost to your beverages. Choose flavours that complement your cocktails, such as mint ice cubes with rum and ginger ale. 

A tip: for extra clear ice cubes, use filtered or bottled water and boil it twice (then let cool) before pouring into the tray. Cover the ice tray in plastic wrap to keep out any particles. 

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