How To Create Tilted Ice

How To Create Tilted Ice


  • water
  • serving glasses
  • muffin tray (to help keep glass on an angle in freezer)
To add a little wow-factor to your pour, try this!

Okay, so it requires a bit of glass prep the day before you need them as well as a bit of extra space in your freezer. But if that doesn't bother you, this tilted ice trick gives a bit of theatre to your presentation. 

This idea is great for Old Fashioned whisk(e)y cocktails as well as gin cocktails.

Tip: For extra-clear ice, use purified water, or boil water (then allow to cool) before pouring into glass. 

Want the recipe for this drink,click here. 

  1. Gather any glasses you wish to freeze water in.
  2. Pour water one third to one half way up the glass.
  3. "Stand" water-filled glasses on an angle in a muffin tray (or similar) to keep the water at the angle you desire.

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