Cocktail Hacks

Guide To Garnishes

Add a bit of snazziness to your cocktails with garnish or two. We take a look at a few that you can easily whip up at home.


Citrus peel twists are a simple way to jazz up a drink. They get their name from the curled shape they often have and the act of twisting the peel to release the fruit oils.

Use a small paring knife to slice a long, oval shaped peel from a lemon or orange (making sure you don’t cut off too much pith). Twist the peel over the cocktail to release the oil into the drink, rub it along the glass rim, and then plop it into the drink.

Twists can also be set on fire – however we recommend you watch the pros in your favourite local bar before you try this at home.

Glass rimming

Many drinks call for a sweet or salty rim. Glass rimming can add a different colour and flavour element to your cocktail.

Take your sugar or salt (you can often add a bit of food colouring a couple of hours beforehand if you’re looking to brighten up the drink). The lip of the glass must be moistened with liquid – water or juice – before being coasting in the salt or sugar. If they don’t stick the first time, keep trying.

Fresh herbs

Herbs are a hugely versatile garnish to work with. Mint and basil seem to be the two favourites. Either you can place a couple of sprig in your drink, or muddle them to truly release the flavour.

For muddling, you’ll need an instrument similar to a ‘muddler (the back of a spoon works well). Place the herbs into your cocktail shaker and press them with the muddler until the oils are released.


Savoury elements such as olives and onion have been classic bar garnishes for decades.

You will need to get your hands on cured olives and pickled onions, available in most supermarkets. Think Dirty Martinis.


Take advantage of the season’s fresh fruit and use them in your cocktails. Fruit ‘balls’ are a great way to add fruity bites of deliciousness. Simply grab a knife or mini scoop and take out chunks of melon. Approach it in the same way you scoop ice cream.

Balls work well in daiquiris or any fruit-friendly cocktails. 

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