liqueur to try


Liqueurs are the building blocks of every good cocktail, and it’s time we gave them a little more appreciation.

The pub quiz: It’s all about the monks. Frangelico’s origins date back 300 years to the monks living in the hills of Piedmont in Italy who distilled a liqueur from the region’s wild hazelnuts. That history is emblazoned in the friar-shaped bottle and the name – Fra’ Angelico, was a hermit monk living in the Piedmont hills in the 18th century. Drinking it may then be an actual religious experience.

What does it taste like? Sweet hazelnuts with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate.

The classics: Try it over ice with soda water for a good go-to easy option. Add a squeeze of lime juice to elevate it into something a little more special. With the same number of calories as vodka, Frangelico isn’t a bad option for the calorie-cautious. And if you want to keep it all-Italian try pouring it over icecream with espresso for new spin on affogato.

With a twist: Possibly the most fun way to drink Frangelico is the chocolate cake shot, pictured above. Add equal measures of Frangelico and a good quality vodka such as Grey Goose or Russian Standard, and have a wedge of sugared lemon on standby. Drink the shot in one then suck on the lemon. It tastes exactly like a mouthful of chocolate cake.

Another deliciously off-beat idea is to mix 15ml Frangelico with 15ml of Chambord and top with a small dollop of slightly thickened cream. It tastes just like a boysenberry Trumpet.

For something to be drunk at more of a refined speed try a Cleopatra: shake together one part Frangelico with two parts almond milk then serve garnished with a sprinkling of finely chopped chilli.

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