The Glenlivet Whisky

A Founder's Tribute: The Glenlivet

Although it’s the newest member of The Glenlivet family, Founder’s Reserve has been almost 200 years in the making. It’s a fitting tribute to George Smith – the feisty, whisky-loving man who started it all.

The Glenlivet story begun in 1822 with the vision of a young, ambitious Scotsman. George Smith, the founder of The Glenlivet, had crafted an exceptionally smooth single malt whisky, which due to liquor laws, he had to distil and sell illegally. 

But George was a trooper and after two years of negotiating, he succeeded in becoming the first licensed distiller in the parish of Glenlivet. George would steep the finest barely in crystal cold water from the Livet Valley to create a light gold dram with a delicate fruity flavour and just a hint of dryness. 

It was the single malt that shook Scotland and beyond. Other whisky producers would attempt to sell their product off as ‘Glenlivet’ but the proof was in the pudding and no one could achieve the silky smoothness of George’s single malt. 

There was no fooling the loyal drinkers of George’s whisky and a court ruling in 1884 put a stop to imposters – only one whisky could call itself “The Glenlivet”.

Casks of “the real Glenlivet” were found in the cellars of all the great houses in the land and it received the Royal stamp of approval. When George IV visited Edinburgh in 1822 it was said that, “the King drinks nothing but whisky and is an admirable judge of Glenlivet.”

George became Scotland’s ‘father of licensed distillation’ but not without a fight. He battled against illicit distillers and smugglers who threatened to take his life, burn down his distillery and run off with the liquor. Despite all attempts, there was no chance of overcoming this man and his whisky kingdom. 

The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve is the ultimate tribute to the brand’s tenacious founder. It’s a sweet, fruity tipple with a distinct creaminess and depth from being aged in First Fill American oak casks. 

Whisky fans will appreciate its exceptionally smooth and well-balanced palate with a hint of candy, toffee apples and notes of zesty oranges. 

You can pick up Founder's Reserve and the rest of the Glenlivet family below. 

George would be proud. 

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