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These five drinks make for perfect, versatile gifting this Christmas

Ok people, we’re on the home stretch to Christmas and you’re probably starting to feel a little panicked about a) getting all your work done before the break, b) the sudden realisation you forgot to book a bach/campside/caravan space, c) all that cooking ahead, d) prolongued time with the relatives, and e) what you’re going to buy for those last-minute presents.

We can’t help you with the first four (because really, uncle Dave’s flossing obsession is really not our problem), but we can help you with the last. When it comes to great gifting ideas, we recommend giving high quality drinks that are super versatile for endless enjoyment. Here are some great picks…


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past year, you’ll have noticed the world is experiencing a major gin revival. Famed for its blend of 10 aromatic, herbal, spice and floral ingredients, Bombay Sapphire is the perfect gift for gin-loving friends, family and colleagues. Billed as the world’s most famous gin, Bombay Sapphire London Dry is made with hand-selected botanicals of juniper, coriander, orris, angelica and liquorice. Drink tips: use in cocktails, gin and tonics, or simply sip with ice, a splash of soda and a little lemon. $41.99 1L till 6th January at Liquorland stores nationwide


Christmas drinks, Christmas ideas, festive drinks, festive drink ideas, vodka, Grey Goose

For those who love experimenting with cocktails of all varieties, vodka is the perfect gift as it can be used in everything from classics like a vodka martini, to creamy concoctions like white russians, or infused with botanical ingredients and added to modern craft cocktails (visit here to see how). Grey Goose Vodka was created in Cognac in the mid-nineties, with a goal of producing a vodka offered distinctive flavours and a high quality character. Drink tips: enjoy in cocktails, with mixers, in cooking, over ice and as a straight sip. RRP$74.99, 700ml at Liquorland stores nationwide


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If you’re looking for something for that globetrotting person in your life, rum makes an ideal gift. Not only does this sugarcane spirit have a history across the Carribbean and Latin America, there are so many cocktails and mixed drinks made with rum that immediately conjure up different countries. Think of a pina colada for example, and you’re pretty much in any tropical paradise you care to imagine. Appleton Estate Rum is made “from cane to cup”, with all stages of the process overseen at the brand’s hometown in the heart of Jamaica. As a result, Appleton’s rums are known for their high quality and multi-faceted flavours. Drink tips: works well in cocktails, with food matches, with mixers, over ice and sipped neat. Appleton Estate Signature Rum, $41.99 1L till 6th January at Liquorland stores nationwide


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Few liqueurs have become quite as iconic as Baileys. This unique blend of Irish whiskey, fresh Irish dairy cream, cocoa and vanilla has been winning hearts worldwide since its creation in 1974, and is loved for its creaminess and sweet flavours with a nice complex edge. Drink tips: enjoy any way you fancy really, in luxe cocktails, added to hot drinks, poured over ice cream, added to desserts and baking like this, sipped neat or with ice. $41.99 1L till 6th January at Liquorland stores nationwide


Christmas drinks, Christmas ideas, festive drinks, festive drink ideas, bubbles, sparkling wine, wine, Lindauer

Honestly, who doesn’t love receiving a bottle of bubbles at Christmas? Lindauer is one of New Zealand’s oldest sparkling wine producers, and since 1980 has been creating world-class wines. Lindauer Special Reserve Brut Cuvée is a high quality French-style sparkling wine made with pinot noir, chardonnay and a touch of pinot meunier grapes, and has delicious biscuity, brioche and toasted nut flavours and aromas. Drink tips: serve nicely chilled on its own, pair with summer berries, light puddings, creamy cheeses and seafood, or use in sparkling wine cocktails such as mimosas and belinis. $12.99 750ml till 6th January at Liquorland stores nationwide

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