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Father’s Day Drinks Menu

Plan for Father’s Day this Sunday with a drinks menu to keep the cheer flowing throughout lunch or dinner (or both!)


Get things started on the right note with a pre-match beer or two. While you’re at it, chuck some tasty beer snacks on the side, like smoked mussels or cured meats, (read Quick Beer Snacks for more ideas). 

Our picks:

  • Panhead Supercharger APA 
  • Tuatara Mot Eureka New Zealand Pilsner 


Rev up dinner with some robust red wines, the perfect accompaniment to a chargrilled steak or hearty venison stew.

Our picks:

  • Hardys William Hardy Shiraz 
  • Peter Lehman Clancy’s Red 


Don’t let things fall apart after the game, stay professional once dinner has cleared by rounding things off with a single malt whisky, escorted by a platter of dried fruit and goat’s cheese. For more food and whisky suggestions read Best Foods with Whisky

Our picks:

  • Johnnie Walker Black 12YO 
  • Glenfiddich IPA Experiment 

Our Picks