Drinks Ideas


Easy, tasty and super-portable, these ready-to-drink suggestions make for perfect New Year's Eve sipping


Fancy up your favourite RTD by adding ice and fresh fruit for a cocktail that's made in nanoseconds.


Long White Lemon & Lime

Summer celebrating is made easy with Long White Vodka is a range of craft ready-to-drink beverages made with a blend of triple-distilled vodka combined with apple juice and New Zealand sparkling water. Pictured, Lemon & Lime, (also available in two other fruity flavours: Feijoa, and Raspberry). RRP$26.99 for a 10 pack, 320ml each.

Lilli by Lindauer Spritzer 

Perfect for summer parties and picnics, Lilli is a new range of spritzes from Lindauer that are made with New Zealand apples, grapes, fruit juice and sparkling water. Choose from three flavours: Blueberry and Lemon, Mandarin and Peach, and Raspberry and Pear. RRP$15.99 for a 4 pack, 250ml each.

Click and Collect

Just one click. That’s all it takes to grab your weekend cocktail essentials from your local Liquorland thanks to Click and Collect.

Simply choose your desired tipples, pay at the quick ’n’ easy online checkout and voilà – your purchases will be ready and waiting for you at your Liquorland store of choice.