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Discover: Urban Scottish Whisky

This world whisky day we check out an urban Scottish whisky distillery that’s more tarmac than tartan

Scotland. It’s all rolling lochs, flowing mountains and bagpipe-playing kilts right? Guess again. Scotland’s main cities are hotbeds of innovation and energy that have produced groundbreaking industry and culture for centuries. In a small area close to where the River Clyde flows from the striking lochs and mountains of Lowland Scotland, passes underneath the Erskine Bridge and heads into the heart of Glasgow to go wild on the town, sits the Auchentoshan distillery.

Pronounced “auk-en-toshen”, the word is Gaelic for “corner of the field”, however this distillery is anything but pastoral. Bucking the trend for distilleries situated in the middle of nowhere, Auchentoshan was built on the outskirts of Glasgow in 1800 at the height of the industrial revolution, and its heart beats to a unique city pulse. What that translates to for whisky drinkers is drams with a less traditional attitude.


  • For starters, Auchentoshan uses unpeated barley for its whiskies, to create a clean, modern and fresh-tasting drop.
  • These whiskies are Scotland’s only single malts that are completely triple distilled. In the mouth and on the nose that makes for smooth whiskies that are more delicate and sweet because of their increased purity, leaving strong notes of fruit and citrus to shine through and keep things gutsy.
  • To be called a single malt Scotch whisky a spirit must be matured in oak for at least three years. Auchentoshan whiskies are matured in one of three different types of cask – used bourbon, sherry or fine wine – chosen to give distinct aromas, flavors and colours.



Exclusively matured in American bourbon casks, this Lowland single malt is smooth yet lively with a crisp and spicy finish. RRP$59.99

  • Aromas: bourbon vanilla, coconut, zesty citrus
  • Flavours: vanilla cream, coconut, white peach and sugared grapefruit on the finish
  • Cocktail recommendation: a whisky sour


Matured over 12 years, this smooth, sweet and delicate single malt whisky has aromas and flavours of caramelized toffee, toasted almonds and citrus. RRP$86.99

  • Aromas: crème brulee, citrus, toasted nuttiness, green leaf
  • Flavours: hints of tangerine, lime and a gingery and nutty finish
  • Cocktail recommendation: a Manhattan


This complex, award-winning whisky has been matured in three different types of cask, first American bourbon, then Spanish oloroso sherry, finishing with a spell in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. RRP$122.99

  • Aromas: blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin
  • Flavours: fruit with syrup, hazelnut, cinnamon, lemon and butterscotch
  • Cocktail recommendation: to be honest we love sipping this one on its own or with a cube of ice to really enjoy its complex aromas and flavours

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