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A dark past

Kraken is paying homage to a terrifying tale with their Black Spiced Rum in a limited edition ceramic bottle. We have some beautiful Kraken Rum gift packs to give away to three lucky readers!

Hundreds of years ago, before planes or iPhones or The Bachelor, an old ship filled with barrels of the world’s finest spiced rum set out on a journey from the Caribbean across the raging Atlantic sea to bring joy in the form of beautiful, rich liquor to the masses.

But much to the horror of rum-lovers worldwide, this ship never reached its destination.

It is rumoured the ship was the victim of the terrifying kraken – a fierce and fearless beast of the sea with razor sharp teeth and a hideously surly disposition. The tentacles of the evil beast are said to have destroyed the vessel, flinging the barrels of precious rum through the Atlantic.

The limited release ceramic bottle of Kraken Black Spiced Rum is paying homage to this dark and horrific affair and is earning this tragic tale the historical record it deserves.

The new bottle is a masterpiece – a beautiful, collectible vessel handmade in England by Wade Ceramics, a business that has been crafting fine ceramics for more than 200 years.

And beneath the bottle lies a drop that is blended with 13 stunning mystery spices and tastes of its own rich, dark history.

A fusion of mystery, elegance and history – this limited edition ceramic bottle of Kraken Black Spiced Rum is a gift that is a perfect match for lovers of the beast, lovers of the darkness or simply lovers of very, very nice things.

Toast has three beautiful Kraken Rum gift packs to give away to lucky readers. Each pack contains a Kraken Rum ice bucket and six Kraken Rum cocktail jars, enter online here.                                                               

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