How to

Cut citrus wedges

Budding bartenders, when it comes to mixing and presenting drinks, know your lemons – how to cut them, that is

First, know your terminology 

A wedge is a fraction of the fruit cut from top to tail. A round is a slice through the equator. A supreme is a naked segment – essentially a wedge with the skin peeled off.

Choose your fruit well

You’re looking for citrus that seems heavy for its size. Give it a slight squeeze – it should relax under your grasp then spring back. Put squishy or too solid fruit back on the shelf!

Use a sharp knife 

A blunt knife will crush the fruit, and you won’t be able to cut a thin enough round.


Hold the fruit firmly but gently with one hand, making your fingers into a claw with your knuckles extending beyond your fingertips. Starting at the heel of the blade, pull the knife gently backwards while applying a little pressure, to get an even, sharp edge to your round. Use as a garnish.


Trim the ends of the fruit, exposing a little of the internal flesh. Now slice along the equator. Place one half down flat and slice it in half crossways, then divide it into six even pieces. Pry out any seeds and trim the pith – now you have 12, beautiful wedges.


Useful if you don’t want the bitter pith to effect the flavour of your preparation, and looks nice as well. Trim the ends and then, working around the fruit, carefully peel off the outer flesh and the pith. Trim any remaining pith then slice vertically along the membrane almost to the core. Withdraw the knife and then slice in the other side cutting a neat wedge. Continue working around the fruit until you are left with a bowl of naked wedges, and a star-shaped core. Now squeeze the core over the supremes releasing any extra juice.

Once cut you can store citrus fruit in the fridge for five days.

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