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Craft Work

Spring and summer just got a whole lot more delicious with the new wave of craft ready-to-drink (RTD) tipples

It's time to rethink everything you thought you knew about RTDs with the new generation of artisan concoctions that offer great summertime refreshment with natural ingredients, low and no sugar, and clever flavour combinations. Here are our top picks, all available at your local Liquorland store (pictured, clockwise from top centre)...

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Clean Collective Mojito has no sugar or carbs and is made with triple-distilled vodka and sparkling water. Pictured, Clean Collective Mojito Watermelon, Cucumber & Lime. RRP$14.99, 4 pack 300ml 

Hint New Zealand Vodka is made with triple-distilled vodka, carbon-filtered water and a hint of natural flavour. Available in three flavours. Pictured, Hint New Zealand Vodka Citrus & Sparkling Water. RRP $14.99, 4 pack 250ml

Rekorderlig Cocktails mixes the brand’s cider with premium spirits and natural fruit flavours. Pictured, Rekorderlig Cocktails Strawberry-Lime. RRP$15.99, 4 pack 330ml

Sundown gin-based drinks are low in sugar and made with native botanicals such as kawakawa and horopito. Available in three varieties. Pictured, Sundown Gin & Tonic with Lemon. RRP$14.99, 4 pack 250ml 

Part Time Rangers White Rhino is made with gin, lemon and sparkling water. Ten per cent of profits go to fund wildlife conservation. Pictured, Part Time Rangers White Rhino. RRP$26.99, 10 pack 330ml

Batched is made with triple-distilled vodka, Hawke’s Bay artesian water and organic Fairtrade cold-brewed coffee – just shake with ice and enjoy. RRP$49.99, 750ml

Clean Collective Gin & Tonic has no sugar, carbs or preservatives and is 100 per cent natural. Clean Collective Gin & Tonic with lime. Pictured, RRP$14.99, 4 pack 300ml

Pimm’s Lemonade & Ginger blends the unique English gin-based botanical drink with lemonade and dry ginger. RRP$15.99, 4 pack 330ml

Gordon’s Pink Gin & Soda is a blend of naturally flavoured Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin pre-mixed with soda. RRP$14.99, 4 pack 330ml